Since 2011, AdviSPORT has been meeting the needs of its customers by putting its expertise at their service.

Whether for a one-off support, regular consultancy or temporary additional resources for a project, AdviSPORT provides you, quickly and effectively, with the expertise and skills you are looking for.
AdviSPORT has led and successfully achieved various projects in the following fields:

• Adequacy between world & continental governance
• Alignment between IF statutes & principles of good governance of the Olympic Movement
• Revision of statutes
• Structural and organisational analysisFILE21468
• Development and implementation of strategic plans
• Establishment of ethics commissions
• Development of codes of ethics / codes of conduct
• Establishment of athletes commissions
• Establishment of athletes’ entourage (coaches, officials, doctors, agents, etc …) commissions
• Guidelines for the remuneration of elected sports leaders
• Assistance to International Federations to obtain the IOC recognition status
• Development programmes
• Talent identification programmes
• Analysis of competition formats with the goal of developing new events
• Development & promotion of disciplines and sport eventsskater-821502_1280
• Promotion of sport amongst youth
• Observation programmes during world championships
• Participation in the development of new sports facilities
• Development of qualification systems
• Issues related to branding on competition clothing & sport equipment
• Conduct and coordination of working groups
• Training and knowledge transfer
• Coaching athletes during their career transitions
• Assistance in the application process to the IOC athletes’ commission
• Operational planning

Each project / situation is evaluated according to YOUR CONTEXT in order to define the relevant measures pertaining to your sport environment and to YOUR NEEDS. The aims that are defined together for your sports organisation or career (athletes) will then be achieved through various planned phases and will benefit from individual support with all the expertise, consideration and objectivity required by circumstances.